Did you know that EFT Tapping can reduce stress, worry and fear, lower cortisol levels, improve your immune system, help with making life less hectic?

Why you should add EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to your daily toolkit for success

If you’ve tried everything to feel better, but nothing has worked or gets results that stick, and you

  • want to change unwanted beliefs that are limiting your progress
  • reprogram you to experience more success and happiness &
  • increase your capacity to make better decisions rather than just ‘react’….

Then using Tapping as part of your lifestyle & working with an EFT Tapping Practitioner is a must!

I am Angela Joy Johnson, and I want to welcome you to finding out how you can do just that.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve often been referred to as a rare, unique & supportive shining light by many successful and happy clients that make joy a priority now every single day!

I’ve educated & empowered many clients using my fast and effective proven strategies (EFT Tapping being a huge focus) in 1-to-1 and in group settings all over the globe on the foundations of happiness, joy and personal freedom.

What I am best known for is helping people from all walks of life to recognise & adore who they truly are and what they are capable of so it’s impossible for them to go back to old patterns. They transition from the old out-dated coping strategies and step confidently into the new world they’ve craved for years!

As an active woman who suddenly experienced unexplainable health issues (that robbed me of doing what I loved most), then struggling through relationships, unexpectedly falling pregnant & ending up as a solo mum, the wisdom and shifts that I’ve personally gained from EFT Tapping as my go-to tool is absolutely priceless!

Backed by science, Tapping is a non-invasive stress-reduction technique that’s easy to apply.

I feel in love with the process so much that I now get to help people like you to get ultimate results too.


  • Increased energy
  • Less stress & anxiety
  • More confidence
  • Incredible relationships
  • Becoming a better mum that shows up better than ever
  • Less anger
  • Less fear
  • More decisiveness
  • Balanced hormones
  • Less painful symptoms
  • More clarity & opportunities
  • Increased business success
  • Better mindset, habits & reactions to life’s challenges

Plus, now having a fast and effective 5 – step process that delivers long term results not only for me, but also my beloved clients!

SO, Who is EFT Tapping For?

The short answer, in my professional opinion, EVERYONE!

We are all human and experience stress and big emotions that come from big challenges at some point.

How Does it Work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques are applied by stimulating acupoints that are on the face and upper body using 2-3 fingers as you firmly, but comfortably tap on these points, while focusing on the situation causing a level of distress for you at the time.

It’s the perfect tool to add to your toolkit as all you need is YOU!

Best of all, Tapping is a powerful 5 steps as relaxation technique even when you’re on the run. Activating a calming response for the mind and body in a way that it becomes part of your day, without taking too much time!

Tapping on one issue can often dissolve other aspects that cause a level of stress because all our experiences are made up of aspects, or pieces of a puzzle to create the whole picture. Taking one piece at a time and working specifically is the most effective way to tap.

There are now over 300 review articles, research studies and meta-analyses that have been published in professional, peer-reviewed journals.
One of which indicated that tapping was a meta-analysis that concluded that EFT is efficacious and reliable treatment for PTSD in time frames ranging from four to ten sessions and is safe to use as a primary evidence-based treatment for PTSD¹

¹Sebastian, B., & Nelms, J. (2016). The effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis. Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 13(1), 16-25. doi:10.1016/j.explore.2016.10.001

Did you also know…

  • The first MRI study documented neural changes after EFT?
  • That 2 studies show significant drops in cortisol with EFT?
  • That research also documents physiological & immunological changes and gene expression with Energy Psychology methods, like EFT?

A must-have fast & effective tool proven to work…

Yes, I’m ready to utilise the POWER of EFT Tapping to tap my way to freedom now

FROM NOT COPING TO CONFIDENCE!J White (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“Before I worked with Angela, I wasn’t coping and as a direct result of our time together, she helped me see how I can help myself. As a result, I have a new attitude, in which I know that I can live the life I want to live! Angela is very kind in her approach and helps you without judgement. She helped me to check in on myself and apply resources and strategies to feel more in control of my environment, which was easier than I thought! I’m feeling happier in life now and more confident in my everyday decisions”.
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“I met Angela when I was tired and had constant health issues. I lacked confidence and self belief and recognised that I had an ‘unwell person’ mindset, and my body was paying for it! As a direct result of working with Angela, I have way more belief in myself, my confidence levels increased I am finally listening to what I want! My wellbeing has improved, I can concentrate with higher levels of energy and feel calmer, as I am more of a relaxed person who has gained lots of clarity in my life. The old anxiety and worry I used to feel before I worked with Angela has decreased and I feel more empowered, strong, motivated and positive. It’s definitely a 10 out 10 experience to be a 1-on-1 client of hers. Angela’s ability to connect and see things from various perspectives, her knowledge, skill set, and strategies clearly assisted me in a supportive, practical way. I felt understood and her coaching is absolutely valuable to commit to! Now I feel proud of myself for accomplishing my creative goals! Thank you Angela, I have loved working with you!”
TRUSTING MYSELF AND LOVING IT!Alex G (Beenleigh, Australia)
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“When I found Angela, I was struggling with trusting myself and others. As a result of our time together, she helped me to accept myself more. I now give myself time and the space I need to consider important decisions rather than feeling pressured , which has really helped me to be less reactive and to see myself as just as important than others. My self respect has greatly increased and I can trust myself now. Working with Angela has been absolutely valuable! I’ve got the tools to feel more self – empowered and I highly recommend you to work with Angela if they want a kind and gently support on the way to taking actions, instead of automatically reacting out of stress. Invest the time, effort and energy in yourself and get some help to work through what’s holding you back. Thanks, Angela.
BLESSED WITH HEALTHY BOUNDARIES!S. Harwood, Massage Therapist (Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia)
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“With Angela’s guidance, I was able to delve deep within myself, into places left otherwise unexplored. Together we workshopped through limiting beliefs that I held, which lead me to a deeper understanding of why I choose the behaviours and relationships that I do. I now have healthy boundaries and feel a sense of JOY, connection & love. I trust myself enough now to follow my intuition and to speak my truth and I feel blessed to have Angela’s beautiful Soul with me on my journey”
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“Angela is one of those rare individuals that strives to practice the principles of love, presence and connectedness with her higher self, on a daily basis. As a result, you feel her unwavering love for others and yourself which is demonstrated by her obvious commitment to giving and contributing. I am so glad to have Angela in my corner, doing life with me! She has helped me countless times, to be able to focus on what is important and be kind to myself along the way. Thank you so much!”
FROM PRE-BIRTH ANXIETY TO THE ARRIVAL OF A BEAUTIFUL BOY!Kylie Quinlan, Mum and Business Owner (Emerald QLD, Australia)
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“I truly believe I wouldn’t have got through the birth of my 2nd child, all the anxiety and the sudden spinal epidural I needed to have, if it wasn’t for Angela’s help and expertise! Her support pre-birth and techniques that she taught me helped tremendously while I was in theatre having my son. I remember hearing Angela’s encouraging voice in my head at the time! Thank you, Angela, for all your help!”
TheJoyHut’s LIKE ACCELERATED LIFE & JOY ACADEMY!Kelly Rivas, PT, Mum & Support Worker (Australia)
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“I’ve been a long term client of Angela’s purely because since I met her, I am amazed at how far I’ve come – thanks to her support and unique way! Angela is amazing at what she does and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!!! She is definitely a beautiful shining light in my life! I was extremely anxious and depressed but now totally see my life differently thanks to her. She always knows exactly what I need, every session and has helped me be able to leave to toxic situations and live a life that I truly deserve. My friends and family have commented that I am way more relaxed, confident and positive, and I am actually really loving my life now with my new fiancé and baby girl! It is only the beginning of my journey with Ange and I am seriously committed to continuing ‘set for life’ support from her for many years to come! I always feel uplifted, energetic and clear after speaking with Ange and I am grateful for what she brings into life. Ange is a gift and I would definitely encourage anyone wanting to have a Joyful experience of life to commit to connect with her!”
I’VE DONE A COMPLETE 360!Lan Carr, Administration (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“From day one to about 3 months after meeting Ange, I seriously have done a complete 360! Before I met her, my vision and mental state was very cloudy. I had gained 15kg’s due to depression and I was very sad. Since seeing Angela, I have learnt so many techniques and I catch life’s curveballs and know how to deal with life! I’m much stronger now. Ange and I had a connection since the first day we met in a coffee shop I used to work at and not knowing anything about her, I truly believe the Universe deliberately crossed my path with hers for a huge reason, as I am WAY more in control of my life and my emotions. I am more confident, healthy, and I know what I want to feel more of and how I want to life my life. Angela is a complete professional who really knows her stuff. I get so much out of our sessions that I feel amazing when I leave and have loads of clarity – thank you Ange, it has been a complete JOY meeting you!”
PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL HAPPINESS!Amanda Cassar, Wealth Planning Partners Advisor (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“Angela is a very passionate professional and helps you to create joy in a way that brought me much happiness to both my professional and personal life experience. I’ve had the pleasure of Angela’s help also with coaching a group at women’s seminars and working with her as a private client gave me knowledge and tools I use daily”
NOT A TESTIMONIAL WRITER, BUT JUST HAD TO SHARE!Muz Bowsie, Owner of Soulmate 3 (Australia)
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“It is extremely rare that I would write a testimonial, but in Angela’s case, I feel compelled to share. Not being the type to normally discuss my problems or journey with anyone, it was a huge step for me to have consultations with Angela. However, within minutes of our first meeting, I regretted now having seen her earlier. I felt totally comfortable with her at all times and came away from every session more focused and inspired than ever before! I thank you, Ange, from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the chance to find clarity, direction and a sense of peace. You are professional, warm and totally understanding, while giving me the push of love when I needed it.”
A STRONG RECOMMENDATION!Russell C, Senior Environmental Consultant (NSW, Australia)
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“I have been one of Angela’s clients now for over 3 years and have found her valuable advise and teachings to be so effective for me personally and professionally. I’ve developed in a way that really has suited me on both levels and Angela is truly helpful, a great listener and I would strongly recommend you to join her community today!”
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“After support and encouragement from Angela, while following her guidance regarding my health, for the first time in a very long time, I have managed to do the house cleaning without taking any pain relief, that used to get me through! I can actually move well and not have to crawl around with pain in my back, legs, knees and feet! Also, I just realised I have pain-free hands too! I usually have fluid on my knees, hands and ankles pretty badly, but all of this has significantly improved! I am so thrilled and the only difference I have made in my life is working with Angela through detoxing and positive mindset development. My emotional state is better too! Thanks for your guidance Ange!”
A VERY INTUITIVE, INSIGHTFUL COACH & TRAINED EFT PRACTITIONER!Dr Peta Stapleton, Psychologist, Bond University Professor & Head Researcher (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“Angela is a very intuitive and insightful Coach and trained EFT practitioner, and extraordinarily sensitive to people’s needs! She has a unique level of perception and ability to guide clients to complete healing.”
A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE!Alita Barnes, Naturopath (NSW, Australia)
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“Highly recommend Angela and her amazing skills. Very professional and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Ange”
VERY INSIGHTFUL SUPPORT!Daynia Ruth, Independent Entertainment Professional (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“Angela is a vibrant, caring, insightful Coach & Practitioner. I highly recommend her services”
DETOXED & FIT AS A FIDDLE!Renae Stringer, Mum (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“I completed a detox with Angela and I feel hydrated, bright and light. It was a great experience to get me started on the road to great nutrition. She is very encouraging and just what I needed! Angela offered such great support. I do feel ‘fit as a fiddle’. Her motivation to get me going has my health in the right space!”
LOST 5KG’S & FEELING GREAT! Karina J, Administration (NSW, Australia)
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“Yay! I am feeling my ‘normal’ self again! Thanks for your support Ange. My eyes, head, skin is so much clearer and I’m more energetic. I am so glad that I sort Angela’s help after putting on weight after having my baby 5 months ago! Thank you!”
INCREDIBLE ENCOURAGEMENT, WISDOM & SUPPORT!Melanie Miller, Business Coach at Agent 99 Business Coaching (Gold Coast, Australia)
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“Angela is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and wellbeing. She has recently encouraged me through a major change which has been incredible! I would not have been able to do it without her wisdom and support. I highly recommend Angela, if you like me, need to make some changes but struggle to make them on your own!”