Work With Angela Privately with 1-on-1

Imagine speeding up the process of making your creative goals possible & feeling more uplifted and happy because of investing in a deeper connection with YOU by choosing 1-on-1 private support with me, someone who has diverse experience, multiple skills and knows what it takes to take your impossible & make it possible!

The potential of honouring your days with as many JOYFUL moments possible warms my heart! It’s even in my name! Angel(a) Joy: ‘a messenger (or Angel) of Joy’!

Like I was born for this!

Going through my own journey, I’ve learned to discern where and with whom I put my energy. So I don’t work with everyone that asks. Not everyone is for me & I am not everyone’s cup of tea either!

So we start with meeting & if we agree it’s a ‘YES’ from both parties, the application process begins.

Book an Initial Connection call to sit in each other’s energy, discover if we are a good match, what you want, what goals you have and the next best step, while you get to suss me out too & ask any questions that you may have. 


  • Help you to structure your life the way you want
  • Target specific areas of your life that you want to change or improve
  • Guide you to follow steps that align with you
  • Hold you accountable for your actions so you don’t betray your deepest desires & self (I will call out parts that want to keep you small)
  • Believe in your ability to be 100% capable of being successful in your way
  • Commit 100% to your vision
  • Help you get ‘unstuck’
  • Craft a program, based on your unique needs with safety & nurturing
  • Behave with integrity and adhere to professional codes of ethics


  • I wont tell you what to do (it will be your decision what you choose to do before, during and after sessions)
  • Giving you unwanted ‘advice’
  • Allow you to make excuses that stop you from achieving your goals
  • Giving up on you when parts of you want to sabotage your success
  • Sell you unwanted processes or programs. Your program will be crafted for you and how slowly or quickly you can manage. 
  • Letting you continue to lie to yourself because you might be afraid of the change. You are worth nurturing and honesty, even if it seems easier to stay where you are remaining stuck. 
So book your Initial Connection Call HERE today!

Love & Joy…

Angela Joy Johnson