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What if investing in your mind, body, emotional & energetic state could actually save you time, money & elevate your energy so you can thrive in your relationships, family unit, and work in a healthier way?

Boost your Self- Mastery with support at each step, and learn how to stay on track and cultivate the life you want, no matter what life experiences pop up.

Those who have invested within a 1-on-1 program with me will tell you it’s the ONLY & BEST choice you could ever make to cultivate a more joyful and fulfilling life experience.

Take my dear client, Nat here for example…

“I can honestly say my life is so full of Joy now! Even when the downs come, I can always see and become aware there is a great learning and growth to be had from those lower moments. As a client of Angela’ over the last 3 years, I can say with absolute truth that choosing Angela to be my Coach is the BEST life decision I have ever made!” – Natalie Sweeney, Brisbane, Australia

This is not a casual ‘do only when you feel that bad’ program. We are creating a new you that is required for long term success! Mastering change requires momentum and consistency, with a supportive environment at each stage. I can’t predict your outcome. That’s up to you! But what I can do is give you my 100% assistance to guide you, starting at the level that suits your needs most.

What Levels Are Available?

Bronze Program (the ‘just dating’ phase) – all inclusive with 6 x private consultations, usually within 6 weeks

Silver Program (the ‘honeymoon’ phase) – all inclusive with 12 x private consultations, usually within 3 months

Gold Program (the ‘committed’ phase) – all inclusive with 24 x private consultations, usually within 6 months

‘Set 4 Life’ Platinum Program (the ‘we value our relationship for life’ phase) – for those clients who have upgraded from either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Program and value lifetime support as Client and Coach. This program is those who appreciate that all stages of life have different needs and is customised to include an evergreen agreement of fortnightly or monthly consultation, all inclusive.

What Each Program Includes:

……………and more fun bonus goodies along the way!

Consistency and willingness to stretch yourself, while in the safety of my support, is key.
If you’re ready to do something to renew your joy and refresh your life now…

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As a Global Coach, location is no issue. I am available easily online and over the phone from Monday to Friday (Brisbane AEST)

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