Mind, Body & Energy Coaching

To be fulfilled and feel successful in life, we need to be healthy, have balance, and feel free-flowing, as everything in your life is an extension of you! When we are taking care of ourselves and ‘filling up’ our needs to function well, only then can we be beneficial and contribute to the rest of the world and the lives of others.

My personal life experience and skill set that has been influenced over the years by many mentors and my own coaches within the fields of Wholefood Medicines, Health Science, Complimentary Therapies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Life Coaching Strategies, Relationship and Communication Mastery, EFT Tapping Tools & Parenting, allow me to offer a holistic approach to support you through managing the gap from now to where you want to be.

The effects of our environment, diet, interactions, stressors, conditioning & mindset, past emotional traumas, and unhealthy lifestyle choices are addressed various recommendations are made with Homeplay tasks that enable new healthier habits to be formed.

Coaching programs can involve some or all of any of the following modalities available at TheJoyHut.

Disclaimer: All recommendations are not diagnostic in nature and please seek professional medical clearance before implementing, based upon your personal situation. Such suggestions may include dietary changes, Chi Lifestyle options, physical and emotional practices, relaxation/meditation techniques and other therapies, and by engaging in my services, you are agreeing to full responsibility for your results and choices during any program.