Feeling stuck, low in energy, burnt out, stressed or emotional but don't know what to do about it?

  • Distracted, running around too busy serving others to have any fun and in the rat race business & life?
  • Feeling like your body has taken over and you live in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress?
  • Not sure what or why you feel this way or how to be back in control again?
  • Only getting short term results from trying everything else, or it seems like it doesn’t work at all?
  • Following the same patterns in life & stuck in a cycle?


If this is you it’s likely making you feel frustrated, ‘emotionally sensitive’, maybe even guilty about outbursts & have a sense that there’s more to life but you might not have any idea where to start!

Yes, that was me too!

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi. I am Angela Joy Johnson... Award winning Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Practitioner, Author, Professional Speaker & Mum, helping you to feel powerful, purposeful and passionate again.

What if you could learn the strategies that would help you be more fulfilled?

Is connection, peace and personal power something you are craving?

I am here to support you by helping you through your emotional & psychological blocks that keep you anchored into these old ways & c0-create a new identity that brings more happiness to your life on a daily basis!

You don’t have to go it alone!

Imagine if you wanted to become an elite athlete but had no coach or support? It would be SO much harder to be successful without someone to show you the ropes and guide you. But when it comes to moving with the many changes we go through in life, we don’t get help & remain stuck in what we’ve always done. Why would you settle for struggling through trying to balance your work, life & self, without getting help from someone who knows how to get you there? 

Life is too short to continue to struggle...what is it costing you now if things don't change?

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Hi, I am Angela Joy Johnson, founder of TheJoyHut, helping support you from experience & expertise

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It’s time to stop grabbing those past experiences and throwing them into the future by stopping what’s spiralling you into consistent unhealthy patterns.

Gain a sense of peace and freedom so you are able to contribute to your family, relationships, workplace and yourself in better ways that uplift you & give you the  confidence to create a more fulfilling life.

Growth in the most important areas of life can happen by transforming

  • your mindset,
  • emotional imbalances, 
  • outdated unhealthy habits,
  • and utilise your inner resources to optimise your health, vitality & be who you are meant to be


Your ability to cope can change as the body is less likely to hijack you! By becoming more empowered you allow your body’s cellular intelligence to do what it knows your body needs & you can also experience physical improvements.

Being Mind-Heart-Body aligned is powerful!

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❣️ Love and Joy

Angela Joy Johnson