Mind Body & Energy Coaching with Emotional Freedom

Clarity & Freedom for Women

Feeling stuck in your seemingly IMPOSSIBLE dreams?

Low in confidence, belief, energy, stressed or overwhelmed & don't know where to begin?


Stuck in self-criticism & disconnected from a meaningful life that really satisfies you?

Distracted, running around too busy being there for others to follow your own dreams or honour who you truly are?

Blocked in your creativity because you’re lost in the rat race or unclear what you really want & unsure how to make it possible?

Feeling like your body has taken over and you live in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress?

Not sure what or why you feel this way & frustrated because you don’t know how to fix it?

Only getting short term results from trying everything else, or it seems like what you’ve tried before doesn’t work at all?

Following the same patterns in life & stuck in a cycle, struggling through it alone?

OR WORSE… Not expressing your deeper truth in your creative goals and instead beating yourself up, believing you ‘can’t’ get that impossible vision off the ground because you feel too sacred that you might be rejected or judged for it & you know you’re not dealing with it well?

If this is you it’s likely making you feel irritated, ‘emotionally sensitive’, maybe even guilty about those outbursts & sad because you have a sense that there’s more to life but there’s not enough support or strategies in place to trust it’s possible for you!

Yes, that was me too!

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi. I am Angela Joy Johnson... Award winning Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Practitioner, Author, Inspirational Speaker & Mum, helping you to feel free to be powerful, purposeful and passionate again.

What if you could craft a blueprint that would help you to take that seemingly impossible vision & make it possible?

Imagine finally being free to live a quality life that's perfect & meaningful for you while being confident to express your unique edge?

Life is too short to dim your light

At TheJoyHut, You Will Be Supported To:

  • Breakthrough barriers making your ‘impossible’ possible 
  • Become clear on what you want & develop a laser focus to take inspired actions aligned with your new blueprint 
  • Apply daily strategies to help you trust yourself & your decisions
  • Discover your deeper Self, handle your emotions (like fear) with more love and compassion & give yourself permission to succeed
  • Transform your ordinary into extraordinary by opening up to a never ending stream of opportunities
  • Feel strong, confident & in control of life
  • Safely shake up the old conditioning (mindset), unhealthy habits & uncertainty
  • Retrain your Nervous System to be ok with change & claim your dreams with less stress!
  • Increase your vitality, fun & joy by tapping into hidden needs so you do more of what you love.
  • Communicate better, address conflicts and manage your time well
  • Attract more abundance & freedom

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Hi, I am Angela Joy Johnson, founder of TheJoyHut, helping support you from experience & expertise

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I will help you to feel powerful, passionate about your life, and purposeful again during that time.
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Gain a sense of peace and deeper understanding so that you are able to live a life that you love without having to sacrifice your devotion to your family, relationships or work.

Create your own rulebook and be Mind-Body-Energy aware and define what you value most to help you spend your time, energy & money according to your happiness compass.

By becoming more empowered you allow your body’s cellular intelligence to do what it knows your body needs to heal & you can then have the energy to express yourself fully to recreate your personal vision from a more inspired & safe space. 

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❣️ Love and Joy

Angela Joy Johnson


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