A Little Bit About Me

As the founder & CEO of TheJoyHut, I have been called ‘The Sad Person Helper’ (so elegantly by my son!). 

What I love to do in my work:

Supporting creatives, nurturers & misfits/rebels through the emotional & psychological blocks that come up when they try to express their true self, visions and dreams in their own unique way, so that they can safely make the necessary changes while feeling safe, comfortable & confident throughout the process.

I do this using mind/body/energy strategies proven to help regulate the Nervous System and other important systems within (and around) the body & relieve stress that comes with inevitable challenges. One such techniques is EFT Tapping that helps you to integrate any unresolved past experiences, so you feel more calm, balanced & free to be & do what you truly are because you can navigate better through change.

My Why:

My love for human potential, connection & the foundations of Joy, plus my own challenging experience of illness, injury, chronic stress & relationship conflicts has allowed me to craft my coaching & mentoring in a unique way that provides a combination of talents, innovation, & coaching with an edge that can often challenge the status quo.

As a result of my own personal journey, which has seen me break free from expected ‘norms’ and being able to embrace self-expression on my own terms with confidence, I now helps others seeking the same freedom to express themselves while managing change.

🎉 I celebrate the uniqueness that each person has and encourage them to follow their creative pursuits without feeling like they have to sacrifice their devotion to others that they really care about, because they are also nurturers at heart. ❤

Supporting others to solidify their vision and be more confident to make decisions that really align with them, truly lights me up because then they shift into healthier emotional & psychological patterns, they gain the right kind of focus & are able to blend their personal and professional life well. All this resulting in creating a more fulfilling quality of life, and a sense of self permission to move forward with aligned power, & the freedom to really spend their precious time & energy well, make connections to form deeper relationships, and have more ability to make move what seemed impossible into  finally being possible! But now with a mind – body – energy awareness as the new compass. ☮


“I want people to know they don’t have to do it all on their own!”

What I’m Best Known For:

Mostly my ability to connect & support people from all walks of life & believing in them until they can recognise & adore who they truly are, so they make their own happiness a priority! It’s a mission I seemed to be born with. I was the kid who always showed the newbie’s around school and was first to introduce myself at Uni and make others feel accepted

I used to believe that my chameleon-like way was a hinderance. It was when I was doing it to be a ‘people-pleaser’! But I soon realised that it was a useful trait in many positive ways. I could easily get into another person’s world and see their perspective on life and empathise naturally. My journey has taught me how to do that now and have healthy boundaries in place instead of getting ‘sucked in’ to other people’s ‘stuff’!

What I love to do in my personal life:

Yes, I have an expansive array of qualifications (which you will see some of them at the bottom of the page) but in addition to those, my interests are vast. I love to dance, play and listen to all sorts of music, discover the sciences, spend heaps of time with family, connect with my spirituality, take on a good adventure and if I can spend time under the sea or fly high in the sky on a craft (or jump out of a plane!) I am one happy camper! 

Other cool facts about me:

I am an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, an overall ‘Transformative Encourager’, a finalist for Business Woman of The Year 2023, Rising Star & Service Excellence.  Definitely a devoted Mother, Partner, Friend, Coach, Mentor, EFT Tapping & NLP Master Practitioner, Remedial Therapist, Health Scientist, Children’s Book Author, Speaker & Trainer who loves the arts, nature, deep connections, innovation, playing with my inner child, challenging & transforming the status quo and swimming with dolphins & Mermaids in Atlantis 😉

I now get to share my message while blending my work with a life that I love!

My Purpose:

To help re-align and connect people with their true potential, enhancing who we are and enriching the lives of as many people as possible. Then, we get to transform from ordinary to extraordinary by being healthy, happy and fulfilled as our true selves.

My Mission:

Being a Transformative Encourager, I use a holistic approach to support you to get into the never ending flow of the stream of possibilities so you can re-imagine & re-create your vision. By providing high quality services and products that educate, teach useful strategies, nurture you and inspire through the Mind-Body-Energy union. Being intuitive, I utilise creative coaching, energy psychology and the best healing and mindset techniques in order to help reduce fears, integrate and nurture your emotions safely, guiding you to achieving your goals, supporting you to build thriving relationships & become devoted to yourself as much as those that you love. 

My Vision:

To inspire as many people as possible to delve into self-love, alignment & connection to a meaningful life through a joyful experience with me. By creating an evolving, safe space for individual and group teaching and transformation, I encourage you to breakthrough barriers making your impossible possible! Then, through the ripple effect of raising awareness into individuals value on this planet, increasing self-confidence, self-belief, & freedom to live a quality joyful life, we craft a loving contribution for our planet with happy communities that flourish!

My Legacy:

The desired objective is to raise the joy & consciousness of our planet by creating a connected, global safe space, in which the world can access educational tools, true expression, acceptance, support & wellbeing practices. In turn, the limitless potential of humans can evolve, and my personal contribution to Earth and humanity, will be one of inspiring loving relationships, more joy, acceptance of our diversity and therefore, a thriving & nurturing experience to share.

What I Do?

I spend time supporting those who are stressed & stuck in self-criticism & their seemingly impossible dream and who feel unsupported, disconnected & unclear to step-by-step transform their impossible to possible. 

I’m the person who you come to when you’ve tried a lot of other options and are still not confident how to move from your old world and into your new reality! We break through your barriers so you can re-imagine, recreate & follow your true, aligned blueprint of self-expression and  confidently give yourself permission to do so. Not only are you then finally free to live that quality and meaningful vision as your now reality, but you’ll be proud of what you can create that brings you more time doing what you love, better relationships with yourself and with those around you and even more abundance (including money) because you are finally putting your energy in flow with your heart’s desire! 

You then feel powerful, passionate about your life, and purposeful again.

When you do you can:

  • Make clear decisions that will be more aligned to the life you want to live
  • feel unlimited
  • have a new blueprint to follow that includes you as a priority.
  • apply a laser-like focus with healthy boundaries
  • Be more accepting of you, others & life
  • Gain a sense of peace
  • Have tools to use daily that support your consistent growth.

Using various skills and strategies that not only include improvements for the mind, body, and energy systems , but also elevate your Soul, you will also get the opportunity to release any unhealthy cycles that you may be stuck in and renew your happiness, confidence and that inner spark that is uniquely yours to share with the world.

As a Holistic Mind Body & Energy Coach, Master NLP, Hypnosis & EFT Practitioner, Performance & Alignment Life Coach, Intuitive, Health & Lifestyle Consultant and Author, many of the skills I’ve learned come as a result of the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Health Science (Griffith University Gold Coast, QLD)

Diploma Intuitive Healing

CIV Remedial Massage Therapy

Master NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner

Subconscious Reprogramming & Performance Coaching

Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner

“Using various skills and strategies that not only include improvements for the mind, body, and energy systems , but also elevate your Soul, you will also get the opportunity to release any unhealthy cycles that you may be stuck in, renew your happiness, confidence and find that inner spark that is uniquely yours to share with the world!”


Our world needs what only you can offer! 

Well, first and foremost, my life experience has been my best catalyst to create the kind of service I offer you. As a mother, daughter, friend, partner, sister, teacher and student, I am extremely grateful for my life lessons that continue to expand me personally!

In addition to this, the following areas have also contributed to my knowledge as a holistic transformative coach & mentor:

  • Pathology & Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Circuit Training & Health and Lifestyle Consulting
  • Intuitive/Spiritual Healing
  • Energy Medicine & Psychology
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – Tapping)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Cognitive Re-Imprinting


I live and breathe the Mind-Body-Energy connection, deep discovery, inspiration and self-expression and have had the privilege of witnessing our innate ability to self-heal first hand. I regularly practice Yoga, Meditation, EFT, Personal Transformational Work, African Drumming and various forms of Dance to keep living my own JOY and be a support to connect with those who want to do the same.


  • Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence/Self-Care
  • Relationships/Communication Mastery
  • Anxiety And Stress / Overwhelm Coaching
  • Goal Attainment / Motivation
  • Health & Lifestyle Fulfilment (Including Weight-Loss)
  • Performance & Behavioural Change (Including Phobias And Addictions, unhealthy reactions)
  • Emotional & Energetic Healing,
  • Pain Management
  • Other Mind / Body Imbalances


I also regularly facilitate group workshops (online and offline) that teach EFT Tapping, mindful communication, self-care and how to build harmonious relationships. With the evolution of science and research, I’ve personally assisted as a support within large scale events and EFT clinical research trials, headed by Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University (QLD, Australia)