Your Energy Body Is Ahead of You!

I know this feeling well. Always feeling like my energy body has been 1000 steps ahead of my physical body, I used to hate it.
I used to feel impatient more often than not. I was frustrated that it felt like I couldn’t just get on with it knowing that something was coming for our highest good and I had to ‘wait’ for the others to catch up.
But now, I’ve been able to play with others that sense this also.
My tribes.
I’m not alone.
I know there’s more to come and even though I still can be impatient, I love recognising that feeling of knowing the encounter is starting to blossom and fruit. And I love connecting with others that know it also.
When we meet other Souls that we are here to collaborate with in some way (not just in business or romance) a seed has been planted in this physical world and much ‘planning’ has been done deciding where to plant it and with whom.
It’s up to all those involved to tender to that seed and follow the cycle of nurturing the creation to grow into either a weed that’s temporary or a big oak tree that lasts lifetimes. 🌳
We have Soul contracts and we also have choice what we do with them. I am the kind of creator that sees the potential in both options. 🪶
Your mind will want to follow the crowd (to belong) and your heart sometimes wants to challenge the status quo but fears isolation if you do. At times, we can’t see what we’ve been hiding from ourselves. We live in a way that feels undesirable and everything can feel overwhelming and out of control.
But when you know the depths of your Soul you’ll know which potential to follow and recognise those fellow Souls you’ve planned with before.
If you don’t, your desires can feel like an IMPOSSIBLE dream 💭
All my clients that I end up working with long term feel like we are crafting an Oak tree 🌳 early in our connection. Feeling like an outsider at some point in our lives has been a common thread we’ve shared. These Souls walk into my life with a willingness to delve deep and discover what potential is there within themselves, even if it’s never been done before or unsure of how to do that.
We shake things up within and safely open up that never ending stream of possibility where more option feels available in a Soul appealing way.
Supporting these Souls feels warm, hopeful, satisfying, and nurturing to mine.
Thank you to those who have begun and continued growth with my Soul and to those who will soon start to grow together because we’ve already planned it 😘💕🤗🌈🪶🌻