7 Common Challenges Stopping You Getting That Outcome

I wanted to highlight what I am noticing with people who really want a certain outcome, but are finding it hard to get there & what keeps us from achieving our goals.

Trust me, I’ve been there too! So, let’s dive into the top 7 challenges people face on their way to those outcomes:

  • Lack of Clarity: Ugh, sometimes it feels like we’re lost in a fog, right? The key is to get crystal clear on what you want. Think specifics, my friend! Once you know your target clearly, it’s easier to map out your journey. We reverse engineer it so that the steps to get there become a natural move to take toward the outcome, and the focus becomes more ‘real’ because it is easier to obtain smaller goals and create momentum on your way!
  • Procrastination: Oh boy, we all struggle with this one often don’t we? The art of “I’ll do it later” can be our worst enemy but can also be a coping strategy if your goal doesn’t feel ‘safe’ for some reason. For eg; maybe you’d like more money but a part of you believes that if you had that, your relationships would need to suffer because you’d have to work harder to get it. By taking baby steps, managing our time, breaking tasks into bite-sized chunks AND dealing with those beliefs that limit us and keep us in a mindset of ‘impossible’, then we are more likey to move into a more consistent stream of possibility! 
  • Lack of Inspiration: We all have those days when we’re like, “Why am I doing this again?” It’s natural, but we can’t let it derail us! We need to find ways to keep that fire burning. We need to constantly be in touch with WHY we really want that outcome. I’m talking about the emotional reasons. We are driven by our emotions and if it all seems too stressful, we wont feel inspired. But if we focus on the emotional benefit we will gain, we naturally feel more inspired to work toward it. Maybe create a vision board, find an inspiring mentor, or connect with those who are on a similar journey. It sometimes does take teamwork to make the dream work!
  • Overwhelm: Ah, the feeling of being swamped by the sheer magnitude of our goals. It can be paralysing! But fear not, my friend, we’ve got a secret weapon. EFT Tapping! Learn this amazing tool to reduce the stress involved with the challenges we inevitably face when we want to change things up. If we don’t know how to recognise we are in stress mode and then what to actually do about it, we face resentment later on for NOT going ahead with that goal we really wanted. EFT Tapping will get your system back into a calm & responsive state so you can feel free to move forward and take those opportunities that are there for you!
  • Fear of Failure/Success: The “What if I mess up?” syndrome can be a real dream crusher. But let’s change our perspective. Failure isn’t the end—it’s a valuable lesson! Embrace that growth mindset, my friend. Each stumble is just a stepping stone to success. We’ll get there, one baby step at a time so that your nervous system can handle the changes well. Sometimes, on the other hand, we actually fear that change in a way that the success of our outcome seems too scary! What does it mean if you are successful? How does it change your life and the life of others that feels a bit daunting? What do you feel like it will change that you don’t want to have change? For eg; maybe it brings up things for you in your relationships as a partner, mother, father and what that might mean for you if you become successful. Just like the fear of failing, we can have stories we tell ourselves around success. It’s important to bring this to the foreground early in your goals so that we can work through them and help you to feel like your success is actually safe to have!
  • Inconsistent Habits: Ah, the struggle to build those consistent habits. It’s a toughie! But let’s make it fun. We’ll create routines, track our progress like champions, and throw ourselves a mini-celebration with each milestone. Small steps, big wins!
  • Lack of Support: Sometimes it feels like we’re solo warriors on this journey. But hey, we’re not alone! We can seek out like-minded souls, find an accountability buddy, or connect with mentors who’ve been there, done that. With the right support system, we’ll soar to new heights!

If you know that you are struggling with some of these challenges that I see creatives, nurturers & those who love to shake things up and create change but have something holding you back, then let me tell you more about how I can support you today.

I’m Angela Johnson, Mind Body Energy Coach & Transformative Encourager – making YOUR impossible possible. 

I work with those who are stressed, stuck in self-criticism & who feel unsupported, disconnected & unclear on how to breakthrough the barriers that are keeping them stuck. 

I help you to re-imagine, recreate & follow the blueprint of self-permission to express who you truly are with confidence, finally becoming free to be laser focused on bringing life to that quality vision that’s meaningful & perfect for your unique edge.

If you’re ready to make YOUR impossible possible, so that you’re able to flow with the never ending stream of possibility and safely move from feeling ordinary to extraordinary, without feeling like you’re sacrificing your devotion to those you care about – let’s talk! 

Remember, together, we’ll work through these challenges with inspiration, self-awareness, and a sprinkle of fun. If you’re facing any specific hurdles, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to cheer you on and lend a helping hand!

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Much Love & Joy

Angela x