Give Yourself Permission...

1998! That was the last time that I felt THAT sick! 

I was studying Health Science at University. And Bronchitis his me like a tone of bricks after lack of sleep, too much coffee at exam time and thinking that my body could handle the abuse and toxic environment that my cells were in.

Nope! Our body is supporting us every single day, but there is only so much it can take. 

Recently, I went down like this again. Yes, it’s a pretty good innings but I know exactly why my usual energy boundary started to allow things through. 

As a mum, I had been looking after my son who was unwell for 2 weeks with fever from a bacteria that entered his lungs. The coughing was enough to make things come up and yes, as most mums do at some point, I caught the contents to save the furniture! 

Despite the physical compromise that had been made where this little critter could then enter my system, I was run down with lack of sleep, changes in home dynamics and energy that was swirling around that I was trying to manage, and a lot ‘going on’ internally as I tried to stay grounded running on empty. 

The situation created chaos and my cells couldn’t cope in cleaning house anymore. I became too toxic. Dis-ease is often either a toxicity or a deficiency. And this isn’t limited to just physical toxicities or deficiencies. We can emotionally become toxic following a chronic state of stress. We can become energetically deficient if we don’t fill up our own cups enough. And when you are someone that doesn’t have these human qualities show up obvious to others, it’s funny how some people judge you for being human when you are hardly ever sick.  I’ve lived 45 years of comments from others that have indicated some form of disapproval for where I am at based on their own expectations or need to try to bring you down because they are almost ‘glad’ to see that you also have stuff going on sometimes (usually those who follow the misery loves company way of being!).

I’m recovering well and have supported my body to do so quickly and I wanted YOU TO KNOW that IT IS OK! 

It’s ok for you to go through stuff… to become unwell… to detox (dis-ease creating symptoms) and to give yourself PERMISSION to take the time to let the body do what it needs to in order to bring you back to equilibrium. 

Your cells intelligence is amazing! We sometimes need to get out of the way so that it can HEAL us. 

Your job is to LISTEN to what you need and ACT upon it.

  • Rest when you need it.
  • Process your thoughts and feelings around taking the time you need (HINT; EFT Tapping is great for this!) and
  • Remember that no one does YOU better than YOU so YOU are the one who knows what you need and when you need it. Pay attention and give yourself permission to accept where you are at and what you need in every given moment. 


With Love x

Angela Joy