How Emotions Fit with Chi

Waking up at certain times of the night?

Finding yourself struggling with energy at 3pm? Maybe even having physical discomfort in a part of the body and when you tune into it, you feel the feels?

You could be out of flow! I absolutely LOVE teaching clients how to set up their day to work WITH their chi rather than what most do and work against it.

We are meant to be in more Yin upon first waking, then Yang for the mid part of the day, then by 5pm, going with the flow and entering yin once more. But we have been taught to get up, work hard, keep working hard when you come home for the day, then try to sleep with so much pent up energy and little time in yin flow.

I used to wake up between 2-3am constantly until I dealt with the ANGER that was stored in my body from unresolved past experiences. I created eczema all over my abdomen so bad that it would heat up at night and drive me nuts! I would feel the anger rising and it would get worse. It wasn’t until I truly took the time to deal with these emotions and started practising going with the chi flow, that I cleared the eczema and stopped the insomnia at that time of the night.

Now if I wake up, the first thing I ask myself is “what is the chi time telling me?” …. And then I use EFT Tapping to manage my way through what’s keeping me up at night.

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Are you waking up at a certain time often? What time is that and what emotion is there for you?

If you notice a pattern now is time to get support in supporting your body to function more optimally and managing your way through these emotions. … you won’t be the only one experiencing this backward flow of Chi… trust me! X

Contact me if you know you’d get value in working with your Chi rather than against it!