Spoiler Alert! You've Only Got 5 Seconds!

reborn new day
The 5 Second Rule is a form of metacognition—that’s fancy psychology speak for a strategy that enables you to beat your brain, which has a habit of making us indecisive.
After that short window of desiring to act, the brain takes over and can hamper action. What this means is that taking action regardless of what you might be feeling is key. Especially first thing in the morning!
What we think, feel, decide and commit to within that creative period of time will start a momentum in either a direction of experiencing days full of fulfilment or unfulfilling situations. Our brains are wired to sift and sort all of the information that bombards it. This is so that we can use what is deemed as important and anything deemed as non-important will be deleted and not take up room in the hard drive.
Now what determines what is important?
It all comes down to our filters that have been determined by our past experiences and conditioning. We keep Information that helps us for the day. Don’t you think it’s vital to know what your main focus is every morning then? 🤔
If you’re waking up in a certain mood or worried, scared, unhappy etc and life is reflecting back at you more of what you don’t want, then something has to change for you to get a different result.
It takes a skill set, a way of Being, a level of willingness and commitment to transform from being connected to the old version of you that you once needed and move toward the future that you desire.
Definitely not an easy task. 😅
That is why I have my own mentors and coaches to help me along the way. We can’t do it all alone and we’re not meant to.
If you need a helping hand reach out.
Love Angela x