Your Brain Loves To Predict…Even Failure!

Do you celebrate🎉your milestones? A simple yet so effective practise! 
Did you know that the brain🧠loves to predict the outcomes and strategise so your safety is priority?
Well, despite being someone who always backed everyone else as part of their nature, and celebrated THEIR achievements, really not being too concerned about my own, I have come to realise that there’s a real benefit to cheering yourself on and patting yourself on the back!🤗
Now, I have no drama around celebrating every step of my journey. Even the lessons from the perceived bad moments. I celebrate those too!
The brain looks for what is familiar in order to feel safe & survive. Think cave man days. If there was a threat, the fight, flight or freeze response would kick in.
We still have this ancestral brain part that scans for danger, just to make sure we are ok.
The thing is, what tells our brain that something is a danger or not is our past experience, filters that catalogue what we see, hear, feel into a file and the reticular activating system (RAS) tells us what to focus on.
All of our conditioning & experience helps the brain to predict. The problem is, if we may be used to focusing on ‘not being good enough’, ‘being insignificant’, ‘being alone’ etc and when the brain recognises that, we do something (behave) to compensate the hurt that these thoughts create. 
Many people fear failure. Their brain is so used to focusing on failure that it’s easy to NOT see much success in their life. So, that’s what they are used to. Expecting failure in some way. Maybe they then procrastinate so they can’t fail, maybe they sabotage their efforts to succeed in case it doesn’t work. However they behave to try to stop the hurt of failing, they are compounding the same thoughts and feelings as their reality over and over again.
That’s why I take time to help clients to re-train their brain and what to look for! You can change how you feel when you look at what else is possibly happening in your day. Depending on where we put our attention we will either build strength in the brain muscle of what’s ‘bad’ or what’s ‘good’! Just like at the gym, you get stronger in what you work on. Energy flows where attention goes!
🫶🏻So this is me, honouring my achievement and taking a moment to drink that in. I know that it’s not just about feeling good. It’s also brain gym to help myself feel inspired to keep on trying new things that may seem a bit uncomfortable at the time, because it’s new! I know that crafting my mindset in the way that celebrates me as a creative, nurturer and even a little bit of a misfit 😉 I can lead by example and will take the steps that I must take to create the vision that I have, that will only have a ripple effect on all those that I connect with. 
As a woman/mum in business, it can feel like you just plod along doing what you need to and don’t often stop to smell the roses🌹
But today, I celebrate🎉my decisions to invest in my seemingly impossible dream that I once had and have worked toward for some time now, all while raising my son solo for some time and questioning my vision and it’s value, often feeling alone on the journey. 
I was a shy kid that was stuck in the energy field of people pleasing just so that I felt safer and wouldn’t get hurt. Now I find myself standing on stages, being interviewed,  accepting awards with pride, affecting more people by choosing to feel the fear and do it anyway, and working through my own fears to becoming someone that has more courage and loving what I do… I celebrate becoming 1 of the 44 finalist out of 374 nominated business women!
I must say it was a nice email to see in the morning! And my brain is getting used to more success that settling for those old beliefs that ‘I can’t’…
Whatever happens, celebrate🎉every chance you get!
Your brain will get used to expecting more reward rather than pain and your life will become even more fun!🤩


I will let you know the result after October 14th when awards are presented!